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Funga Box

Funga Box

The ultimate curated box for any mushroom-lover. Cook, sip, and snack on top quality mushroom goods.

Shipping Information

The Funga Boxes ship all at once, once a month. Ordering during the month of August means your first order ships out during the first week of September for example.
After that, you'll receive around the same time every month moving forward.

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  • Culinary Ingredients

    Hone your mushroom cookery skills with some high quality dried mushroom varieties, simple saute kits, mushroom-infused sauces, spices, broth bombs, soup bases, and more.

  • Functional Mushrooms

    Mushrooms that do a bit more than just taste good. Varieties like Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps come in many forms like liquid extracts, gummies, powders, and more.

  • Mushroom Snacks

    Enjoy your shipment immediately with some snackable mushrooms. Mushroom Snacks like shiitake jerky, King Trumpet chips, candy-cap mushroom candies, mushroom puffs, reishi cookies, and more.

  • Mushroom Beverages

    Yes, you can drink mushrooms, and mushroom coffee is just the tip of the iceburg. Try Cordyceps Lemonade, Lion's Mane Golden Milk, Maitake Rose Latte, Chaga Hot Cacao, and much more.

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