Shipping/Returns Policy

Shipping Policy
  • LivingThings does not offer international shipping by default. If you'd like to order internationally, please contact us at so we can figure out if these products are legal in your country (items such as the liquid extracts that contain over 20% alcohol may not be legal in your country), and the pricing to ship the items. Free shipping offers and returns of any kind do not apply to international orders.
  • LivingThings cannot offer or guarantee overnight shipping or by any certain date. We are at the mercy of our carriers, and if they cannot make hard guarantees, unfortunately neither can we.
  • If your order arrives damaged, please contact us with a photo of the damaged product so we can replace that for you ASAP. We will likely not ask you to return the damaged product, but this is subject to change if we are trying to figure out an ongoing issue with the carriers or our packaging.  
  • LivingThings will occasionally offer free shipping or reduced shipping. Please view the announcement banner on the homepage or any promotional material for that information. These offers are subject to change without notice. Free shipping will be added automatically or by coupon code at checkout. 


Return Policy

  • To send back returns, please keep the original shipping box and contact us at for instruction.  
  • Items that have been opened, damaged by the customer, or partially consumed cannot be returned for a refund unless the item is unsatisfactory. If you're not happy with the flavor, freshness, etc. please contact us and we'll sort out a different solution or variety for you. Keep in mind, grittiness, occasional pieces of grass, twig, or moss in wild mushrooms is normal as the mushrooms cannot be washed prior to dehydrating. Wild mushrooms should be agitated in the soaking water to remove any dirt or remnants of the wild harvesting environment. 
  • Please contact us within 15 days of receiving your products to be qualified for a return or replacement.
  • We offer the full price of the item as store credit for returns.

Any discrepancies or situations that are not outlined in these policies will be decided upon on a case by case basis, but just know that we have your best interest at heart and want you to love our products!


Thank You!