Take a trip

...through the many forms of edible Funga and Flora with fancy curated boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Funga Box

The ultimate mushroom-lovers box

The Funga box is filled with high quality, creative mushroom goods from LivingThings and the Fungas' favorite brands. Try interesting goods like shiitake mushroom jerky, mushroom coffee, mushroom soft drinks, dried mushroom sauté kits, sauces, tinctures, teas, wellness blends, and more.
(Available one-time or monthly)

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Flora Box

Coming soon, Available for pre-order

The Flora box is filled with high quality, creative floral and plant based products from LivingThings and the Floras' favorite brands. Try interesting goods like floral tea blends, adaptogenic beverages, veggie snacks, dried veggie sauté kits, sauces, herbal extracts, seasoning blends, and more.

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What is LivingThings™️?

A new breed of organism, LivingThings is a USA based web3 community, multimedia collective, and online outlet with a big vision. Follow along as the story unfolds. Meet our plant friends, have some fung, make some friends....

We're all LivingThings™️.

Funga and Friends

Speaking of community, everybody needs a fungus friend! The Funga collection is fully claimed but you can still grab one on the secondary market. Join for access to discounts, new product releases, and more cool stuff we can't quite tell you about yet... LFG?

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(Funga holders get free access to the Flora mint)